Rockdale Music is a Performance Based Music School where Students of All Ages can participate in Rockdale’s Musical Community.


From fundamentals to advanced techniques; our students learn to play one or many instruments with confidence and skill. Our teachers are excellent motivators and work patiently with students of all ages and skill levels on music of the student’s choosing.

Students involved in Rockdale programs are encouraged to attend and participate in the many performance opportunities offered year round at prominent local music venues such as World Cafe Live, The Ardmore Music Hall and at our own performance stage at the studio. In addition to our regularly scheduled recitals and concerts, students at Rockdale are presented with weekly opportunities to collaborate and jam with other students in our studio’s friendly, community driven studio.


“The teachers are friendly, dedicated and talented. There are lessons, camps and awesome rock band groups to join. The staff is amazing. We have been coming to Rockdale for almost 6 years now!”

“Rockdale Music is amazing! The amount of progress made in just a few weeks is incredible. The instructors are welcoming and enthusiastic. The students come together as a team and work well with each other. The chance to perform in a professional venue is priceless.”

“We love Rockdale! My son is in the music discovery program and has learned so much. He went in knowing nothing and now knows all about notes, instruments and more! His teacher is kind and caring, and he has grown and matured so much thanks to the program!”

“We love the grounds the school/studio are located on and Dave is an amazing drum teacher. He has infinite patience for all ages and stages.”

“Rockdale has been and continues to be amazing for our son. He came in at 6 years old knowing nothing about how to play piano and a year later, understands theory, reads both treble and bass clef fluently, can improv, can re-teach what he’s learned, and has responded to the way Jared has fostered and cultivated a true love and appreciation of music. We would recommend lessons here to anyone who asks.”

“My son has been enrolled at Rockdale Music for 3 years. Since he has started playing drums his math scores have shot through the roof and his confidence has soared! His instructor makes every lesson fun, and he learns through current song selections making it always interesting. Their rock band program is awesome! My 10 year old has played at The Note and World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. I have and would recommend this school to anyone wanting to learn and grow as a musician!”

“My 7 year old daughter attended Rock Camp Jr. and LOVED it! She still talks about it and can’t wait to attend this summer! She has been playing piano for two years and enjoyed being able to try the different instruments. It was wonderful for her to find kids who are as passionate about music as she is!”

“I started taking drum lessons with David this past summer. I always wanted to do it, so why not! He is great and humors me by helping me learn any song I want to! You don’t have to be a kid to take a lesson, it’s never too late! Thanks David!”

“Rockdale has and will always be a great facility for musicians. It is a great atmosphere with talented instructors and their constantly evolving programs embrace all sorts of music styles and production. Jared is a great inspiration to all musicians and loves it when students ask him about all parts of the music industry. Live and learn. I totally recommend this place. It rocks!”

“Both my children have taken lessons from Jared and Dan at Rockdale and my son has attended Rock Camp for the past 2 years and played in the Rock Band twice (signed up again for the next session!). What is so awesome about Rockdale is that the kids can get serious with fun one-on-one lessons and then have the opportunity to put what they are learning into practice with a band of their peers under the watchful mentorship of the Rockdale team. They learn not only how to play their instruments but how to work as a team. They practice more because they don’t want to let down their band, and in the end they get to play a gig on a real stage at a club in Philly. This is also an invaluable experience as the kids get comfortable performing in front of a crowd, which can help them in many aspects of their life, not just music. I think that Rockdale has a great balance of fun and teaching that keeps the kids coming back for more. Maybe they won’t quit like I did when I was a kid because the old lady who taught me didn’t know how to keep me interested! Jared and the gang know what music the kids want to play and how to help them to be successful so they can feel like they are really playing. I could not be more pleased with our experiences at Rockdale and would give them my highest recommendation.”

“We love Rockdale Music! Fabulous guitar lessons for my son, great singing lessons for my daughter and the most fun ever at Rockdale’s summer camps putting it all together! Rockdale is a wonderful place! Jared and Dan are encouraging and cool and really connect with the kids. I can’t say enough great things about Rockdale Music! The music, the friends and the experiences have enriched all of our lives!”

“Love, love, love Rockdale Music! Rockdale is a creative and safe environment for kids to learn music. The teachers strike the right balance of challenging students to achieve, while still having fun. Their programs are excellent. My kids never complain about going to music lessons at Rockdale!”

I had lessons back in 2011, and it was with Dan Reiner. He was awesome, always made learning the piano fun! I actually miss my lessons very much and I highly recommend this establishment to anyone looking for an awesome teacher, great learning and a slightly different take on learning music. If I were to learn again, even at 22 years of age, I would definitely go back here.

“It’s hard to put into words how wonderful our experience with Rockdale has been. My daughter has been attending since the summer of 2008 after I signed her up for a summer Rock Band session. She has been taking private lessons, as well as continuing with Rock Band throughout the year. The teachers are wonderful musicians themselves, that really know how to tap into their students strengths, as well as helping them to feel confident in trying out new things. Rockdale is a place where students from all backgrounds and interests can come together in their shared love of music. The environment is accepting and positive at all times. The energy of the teachers is infectious, and spills over to their students. Rockdale has truly been a blessing and a gift in my daughter’s life!”

“We love Rockdale! Our 7 year old son takes drums and our 5 year old daughter takes piano. They are gaining confidence and having fun! Both of their teachers are awesome!”

“The teachers at Rockdale really pay attention to my son’s musical interests, which helps him learn complex material in a really interesting way. My son practices eagerly and really enjoys learning and working on new skills and songs each week.”

“Oh how I wish when I was young and taking piano lessons there was a place like Rockdale. The teachers are young, hip and cool, they let the kids pick out what music and songs they want to play and then get the theory in there and the child doesn’t even realize it because they are having so much fun playing their instrument with songs they like. We have been with Dan at Rockdale for private lessons for 4 years and are so so happy with him. My son just adores him, and Dan is wonderful with him. We also participate in the Rock Bands with Dan and Jared and have just had the best time. The kids have such a sense of community and all really support each other during their gigs. They learn a lot about the creative process without pressure or stress. We love Rockdale and are so happy that we are part of the Rockdale family, we recommend it whenever we get a chance. It “Rocks”.

“My son has been attending Rockdale for 2 years for drumming. He is receiving the BEST instruction and is progressing very nicely on his path of dream of becoming a professional drummer. The instructors are very skilled and their love of the kids and teaching really shines. What you will find at Rockdale is talent, professionalism and most of all, FUN! I love that my son goes there and would highly recommend it to anyone!”

“My son has been taking lessons at Rockdale for almost two years now and he has made considerable improvement. And after each lesson he says that it was fun! I think that is very important. When my son first began lessons with Jared, he had come from another teacher who had ceased to give lessons and who had moved my son along too quickly. Jared immediately perceived that my son needed to go back to the rudiments and the fundamentals and after developing a solid base, now my son is able to move forward more quickly. Plus it has improved his confidence! Jared has a very positive, upbeat personality, so he is very encouraging to newer players. And he is very knowledgeable (he is a multi-instrumentalist) so he is challenging to more advanced students. Jared embraces all music styles, and encourages students to be equally open-minded. My son plays drums, and it is very fun to hear at the end of a lesson Jared playing guitar or keyboard while my son plays drums and they jam together.”