Rock Band (Ages 8+)

Rock Out with Rockdale's Rock Band Program!

Ready to take your music playing to the next level? Our Rock Band Music Program is your chance to collaborate, create, and perform alongside fellow musicians!

Our Rock Band music program is a weekly interactive class session that takes students from the practice room to the stage. In these collaborative group classes, students are provided an opportunity to practice together in a team of musical peers.

Working closely with Rockdale instructors, students choose and learn songs and rehearse together while improving skills and confidence.

Why Rock Band is Right for You!

Our interactive weekly sessions will transform your skills into show-stopping performances.

Learn songs together, rehearse as a team, and build lasting friendships with fellow music lovers.

We’ll place you in a band with musicians of similar age and skill level, ensuring a supportive and inspiring environment.​

Work closely with experienced Rockdale instructors to refine technique, boost confidence, and master your instrument.

Register at the form at the bottom of the page and we will reach out to place your child in the right band for them to learn, grow and create with a group of musicians of a similar age and/or ability. 

Ready to Rock? Here's What You Need to Know...

Band members should have at least 6 months to 1 year playing your instrument before joining a Rock Band.

Be prepared to identify notes on the fretboard (guitar/bass), play chords (guitar/piano/keyboard), keep a steady beat (drums), and memorize lyrics and melodies (vocals).

Ability to read and transpose sheet music is a must.​

Are You Experienced? Click here to learn about our Private Lessons and get performance-ready!

Rock Band FAQ

Rock Band is a weekly class where you’ll collaborate with other musicians, learn songs, rehearse, and perform on stage!

The program is designed for musicians ages 8 and up who have at least 6-12 months of experience playing their instrument. We carefully place each musician in a band with others of similar age and skill level, ensuring a supportive and inspiring environment for everyone.

You should be able to:

  • Guitar/Bass: Identify notes on the fretboard and play chords.
  • Piano/Keyboard: Play chords and basic melodies.
  • Drums: Keep a steady beat and play basic drum patterns.
  • Vocals: Memorize lyrics and melodies.
  • Horn Players: Read and transpose sheet music.

No problem! We offer private lessons to help you develop your skills and get performance-ready. Check out our private lessons page for more information.

Our instructors will work with your band to choose songs that match your interests and abilities, covering a wide range of styles and genres.

60-minute weekly class tuition is $150/month or $125/month for students with an active private lesson membership. 

Rock Band classes meet weekly from September through May. We’ll coordinate with you and your bandmates to determine a consistent weekly meeting time that accommodates everyone’s schedules.

Yes! We have regularly scheduled recitals and showcases throughout the year. 

It’s easy! Fill out the registration form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll contact you to discuss your experience and place you in the perfect band.

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