Rock Band (Ages 8+)

Our Rock Band music program is a weekly interactive class session that takes students from the practice room to the stage. In these collaborative group classes, students are provided an opportunity to practice together in a team of musical peers.

Working closely with Rockdale instructors, students choose and learn songs and rehearse together while improving skills and confidence.

Register at the form at the bottom of the page and we will reach out to place your child in the right band for them to learn, grow and create with a group of musicians of a similar age and/or ability. 

Students should have at least 6-months to 1-year of experience on their instrument(s) prior to registering for the Rock Band Program. We expect band members to be able to meet the following criteria before joining a Rock Band.

  • Guitarists and Bassists should be able to identify and play all notes on the fretboard (i.e. A, G#, Bb, etc…) up to the 5th fret on all strings
  • Guitarists should know most major and minor open, barre and power chord shapes
  • Pianists and Keyboard players must know all note names on the keyboard and most major and minor chords and scales
  • Drummers must be able to hold a steady rock beat at various tempos for at least 2-minutes
  • Singers should have the ability to memorize song lyrics and duplicate melodies by ear
  • Horn players must be able to read and transpose sheet music for their instrument
For more information on Private Lessons before joining a Rock Band, click here!
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