Recording & Production Program

Discover Your Inner Music Producer: Ready to Craft Your Sound?

Ever dreamed of creating studio-quality music? Our Recording and Production program equips you with the skills and knowledge to transform your musical ideas into reality! Our Recording and Music Production classes give students hands-on experience to learn about the music production process including recording, editing, and mixing and the tools available to create and record music on your own!

This program is perfect for musicians of all skill levels who want to take control of their creative process. Learn from industry professionals, experiment with different techniques, and turn your musical vision into a sonic masterpiece!

Why Learn to Record & Produce Your Own Music at Rockdale?

Get in-studio experience with the latest recording and production tools.

Dive deep into the music production workflow, from recording and editing to mixing and mastering.

Learn the ins and outs of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), mixers, effects processors, synthesizers, and samplers.

Explore topics like sound and signal flow, dynamic effects, filters, delays, and more to shape your music.

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