Rock Camp at Rockdale

Rockdale’s Summer music camps have been a favorite for kids since their inception. How do we know? They keep on coming back year after year! Not your typical day camp, Rock Camps include designing your band logo and recess is spent tossing the Frisbee or trying out a new instrument and brainstorming original song ideas. 

During each week-long session, campers participate in instrument lessons, rehearsals and workshops. Just like our Rock Band classes, each Rock Camp concludes with a concert performance in front of friends and family.

Rock Camp Registration 2023 CLOSED!

Week 1 – 6/26 – 6/30 (ages 10-14)

Week 2 – 7/31 – 8/4 (ages 10-14)

Week 3 – 8/14 – 8/18 (ages 10-14)

Rock Camp runs 9:00am-3:00pm Monday-Friday

We have a camp show on Friday @ 2:30pm at the conclusion of each camp week for families and friends.

* For more information on Rock Camp Jr. for ages 7-10 click here!

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Rock Camp Tuition

$ 395 Per Week
  • Sibling discount is $25 off for the 2nd camper and each additional camper
  • $25 off for the 2nd week and each additional week
  • Register before March 1st for $25 early enrollment discount

What We Do at Rock Camp

  • Day 1 – Meet Campers, Discuss Goals, Share Ideas, Develop Set-List, Start Rocking
  • Day 2 – Learn Songs, Discuss Band Name, Instrument Workshops, Team-Building Games
  • Day 3 – Practice songs, Decide Band Name, Design Band Logo, Tech Workshop
  • Day 4 – Rehearse Set-List, Recording and Engineering Workshop
  • Day 5 – Dress Rehearsal, Stage Set-up, Final Concert Performance

What to Bring to Rock Camp

  • Guitarists should bring their guitar or bass, strap and picks.
  • Drummers should bring drum sticks.
  • All campers should bring their own lunch. We have drinking water, snacks, ice-pops etc…

Campers should have at least 6-months to 1-year of experience on their instrument(s) prior to registering for the Rock Camp Program. We expect band members to be able to meet the following criteria before joining a Rock Camp.

  • Guitarists and Bassists should be able to identify and play all notes on the fretboard (i.e. A, G#, Bb, etc…) up to the 12th fret on all strings
  • Guitarists should know most major and minor open, barre and power chord shapes
  • Pianists and Keyboard players must know all note names on the keyboard and most major and minor chords and scales
  • Drummers must be able to hold a steady rock beat at various tempos for at least 2-minutes
  • Singers should have the ability to memorize song lyrics and duplicate melodies by ear
  • Horn players must be able to read and transpose sheet music for their instrument

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For more information on Private Lessons at Rockdale, click here!

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