Songwriting Program

Calling all aspiring songwriters! Are you interested in writing your own music or looking to take your skills to the next level?

Whether you’ve never written a lick or have a few tunes under your belt, our Songwriting Program arms you with an effective process for creating songs that express ideas and emotions, including a range of tools that revolve around the concept of matching lyrics and music to support your message.

You’ll also get to record an original demo at Rockdale Studios! 


What You Will Learn:

Point of View

Who is talking? To whom? and Why? This is the best place to start your song idea. 

Rhyme Types and Rhyme Scheme

We all know about “perfect” rhymes (i.e. cat and hat) – but how about assonance and consonance rhymes? You will learn ALL of the possible rhyming associations by the end of the course. 

Common Chord Progressions

Basic chord theory and understanding of harmony and melody and how they relate to your song. 

Stressed and Unstressed Syllables

By the end of this lesson, you will understand language rhythms and the difference between stressed and unstressed syllables and how to put rhythm in your lines, preparing them to join into the dance with musical rhythm. 

Writing the Song

You will learn how to develop your song idea, so it creates an interesting journey from start to finish. You will understand your options developing the point of view of your song and will be introduced to the songwriter’s six best friends.

Pre-Production for Recording

Pre-production is a process whereby a recording artist or songwriter spends time creating and refining their musical ideas. The artist produces a song’s demo recording, or rough draft, in order to establish the song’s creative premise.

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