Our teachers are excellent motivators and work patiently with students of all ages and skill levels on music of the student’s choosing. Check out our teachers’ bios below.




Jared is the owner and manager at Rockdale and teaches Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Rock Band, Songwriting and Recording at the studio. Jared has a passion for passing on the knowledge from years of honing his craft to musicians of all ages and skill levels. From your five year old aspiring Rock Star, to retirees looking to fulfill a life-long dream of playing an instrument; all of Jared’s lessons are catered to each budding musician’s wants and needs. New concepts are presented using songs of your choosing. Learn what you love, and you’ll love to learn! If you want to play your favorite songs a lot faster than you think, then get ready to Rock with Rockdale!

Jared is well versed in many musical genres including but not limited to Rock, Blues, Funk, Folk, Reggae, Finger-picking and he also teaches Concert/Marching Percussion.

  • Over 20 years of experience playing Guitar, Bass, Drums and Piano
  • Leads Rockdale Rock Bands, Rock Camps and Rock Camp Jr.
  • Alumni of the Penncrest Marching and Concert Band
  • Writes, Performs and Records with his original group “The Real Feel” as the keyboardist and vocalist (www.therealfeelband.com)
  • Session Musician at Range Recording Studios in Ardmore, PA




Believing in music as a universal language, Erica Corbo approaches her playing from a strong melodic standpoint, while leaving room to experiment with dissonance and atonality.

Erica has been immersed in the joy of making music for her entire life. Beginning with the study of flute, voice, and dance in elementary school, she later found her true musical match, the piano, in her preteen years. Philadelphia jazz pianist and session musician Howie Gordon helped to foster Erica’s musical talent during her early years of playing.

While studying photography at Drexel University, Erica received a scholarship to perform in the Drexel Jazz Orchestra where she came under the tutelage of noted ethnomusicologist and jazz saxophonist George Starks.  She began to strengthen and refine her solo and ensemble improvisational skills, as well as her approach to composing, while studying with Philadelphia pianist Farid Barron of Wynton Marsalis’ Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and Sun Ra Arkestra fame.  At this time, Erica also began her love affair with the study and practice of free improvisation – a fascination that still continues to this day.  After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree, Erica polished and enhanced her skills and knowledge of classical music, technique, and ear training by receiving her teaching certification in the Suzuki Method for Piano.

Both alone and with bands, Erica has composed, recorded, and performed original music all around the East Coast.  In the realm of musical theater, she has experience dancing, singing, and acting, as well as with music directing and writing. Erica has taught individual lessons in piano, flute, and improvisation, as well as group classes in free improvisation and jazz improvisation, including music for preschoolers.  Extensive knowledge of the Alexander Technique empowers her playing with a physical balance and grace, and enables her to effectively aid students in the postural and physical elements of performing.

In recent years, Erica has been a member of Touch (jazz fusion quintet,) The Love Club (garage rock,) and the Underwater Sounds (reggae jam rock.)  She currently plays with the free improvisation ensemble Space Whale Orchestra, the pop-lounge duo Sparkle and Shine (with Sonni Shine,) and is the pianist at the Chapel of the Good Shepherd in Yeadon, PA.  Additionally, Erica leads her own small jazz ensemble on piano in which she also sings and tap dances.  She presently performs her own original music in her solo stage show “An American Odyssey Through Space and Time,” and is currently writing a musical of the same name.  Her first solo album, “I, America” was released in February 2017.

Here are some links to my music.








I am a graduate of Berklee College of Music for Guitar Performance and offer private lessons for guitar, bass, and trumpet at Rockdale. Lately, I have overheard a few of my students referring to me as their “cool teacher”. I think I’m a fun teacher, but I don’t think it’s because I’m all that “cool”… it’s because I teach “cool” stuff!

I see the same musical merit in a beginning guitar player learning to read the melody of ‘Hot Cross Buns’ as there is in learning to dial up distortion and play ‘Smoke on the Water’ authentically, which must be why they think I’m cool! I teach practically all styles of music and have a passion for all approaches of playing; you’ll never be bored! So whether you want to learn how to play ‘Hot Cross Buns’, 12-bar blues, rock out playing Led Zeppelin, master tapping, sweeping, or alternate picking, relax and strum some chords or play finger-style on an acoustic; I would love to show you how! Learning how to fine tune a guitar amp is an art unto itself; I’ll show you how to get the most out of whatever equipment you have, and how to dial in that gear to get the same tone as your favorite players.

It doesn’t matter if you are 6 or 60. I understand the needs of students of different ages and aspirations. I strive to tailor all of my lessons to meet these interests and passions, but also push students in a direction where they can feel confident they are equipped with the knowledge and ability to succeed no matter the musical situation. The long-term goal for all of my students is to present the bigger picture of how all music and styles are closely related. I strive to ensure every student has these basic skills of musicianship: a sense of rhythm, time, and knowledge of theory, but also proper technique, form, and posture on that specific instrument.




Chelsea ViaCava has gained most of her experience as a vocalist touring and performing on stages throughout the country and learning the art of commercial recording through jingles and songwriter demos. With two decades of professional training, Chelsea has become well versed in many styles, including rock, jazz, blues, R&B, and contemporary pop music.  Ms. ViaCava is currently the lead vocalist of an 8-piece funk band in the Philadelphia area.

As a voice coach, Chelsea strives to prepare her students with the confidence and knowledge that it takes to perform both live and in the recording studio.  Not only do her lessons consist of basic voice training, Chelsea teaches her students proper microphone technique, audience interaction, stage movement, and what it takes to dynamically front a band.





I attended Johnson State College in Johnson, Vermont for Jazz and Contemporary Performance. While at JSC, I drummed for the Funk-Fusion, Afro-Cuban, Jazz, and Percussion ensembles. After graduating, I moved down to Philly to connect with an amazing group of musicians and pursue a life of endless drumming. Rob Craft, one of Rockdale’s guitar instructors, and I are bandmates in a top-40 cover band/progressive metal band named A.M.E. Rock, metal, and funk are my specialties, but I love all styles and sounds!

My lessons are custom-tailored to ensure that you achieve your goals as a musician while having fun doing so.






Alyse is an active musician and teacher. By day she is a graduate student at Temple University, completing her masters in Piano Pedagogy and Performance. By night, she performs regularly at Howl at the Moon in Philadelphia, singing and playing music from the 60s to today on a variety of instruments from piano, violin, bass, to drums.

Her teachers and major influences are Mary Anne Dalton, Craig Snyder, Toni Lyons, Professor Kenneth Burky, and Dr. Charles Abramovic. Through her music program at Penncrest High School to her bachelor’s program at Duquesne University. She has gained performance and teaching experience in a variety of areas.

Alyse has studied piano for 17+ years and violin 3rd – 12th grade and continues to utilize it today. Because of her many years studying instruments, singing came naturally. Whether in choirs, songwriting, or privately studying voice techniques she has grown as a singer from a young age. She has an understanding of how to perform solo as well as perform in groups such as orchestras to rock n’ roll bands, which is an important skill to have as a working musician.

Teaching Abilities:

Piano: Beginner to Advanced

Songwriting: Beginner to Advanced

Voice: Beginner to Intermediate

Violin: Beginner

Whatever style you would like to learn, you name it, she can teach it. The combination of a classical foundation with the vast world of music, any genre or piece of music is possible to learn.




David Marion is a musician and teacher who has worked and taught in the Philadelphia area for more 7 years. He is a recent a graduate from Temple University’s Jazz program. He loves a broad variety of genres and artists, this ranging anywhere from Jimi Hendrix to John Coltrane.

Dave picked up the guitar at age 11 after being inspired by his parents his mother, a folk guitarist and father a classical clarinetist.  Teaching has always been an important outlet for Dave. He takes great joy in helping people of all ages overcome musical challenges.







Lee Clarke is a multi-instrumentalist, teacher and music producer with a life-long interest in creative musical expression. After a childhood spent exploring many different instruments and musical styles, Lee attended University of the Arts where he majored in upright and electric bass. While working toward his Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance, Lee studied bass, piano, improvisation, and music technology and worked as a jazz bassist in his spare time.

Since graduating, he has been helping others realize their musical potential as a teacher and as a record producer. He has taught bass, piano, guitar, ukulele, theory and music technology to students of all ages and skill levels. In the recording studio, he has worked with artists in many genres. Lee is passionate about supporting each musician’s creativity while encouraging healthy habits and musical values.




Keaton Thandi is a private music instructor, gigging/ touring musician and  session musician. After several years of extensive playing with a variety of artists including Gloria Gaynor and Earl Slick, Keaton joined forces with Justin Pellecchia and Lucas Rinz to form Satellite Hearts. Satellite Hearts has released two albums and is currently working on their third album with Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo.

Keaton has been doing extensive study in composition, arranging, film scoring, world music and jazz while freelancing in the Philadelphia music scene and playing in a plethora of gigging and touring bands on drums, percussion, bass, keys and guitar. Keaton recently completed his degree in Composition, Arranging, and jazz drumming from Temple University.





I’m Rachel, and I teach drums and beginning piano at Rockdale. My first passion in life is music, and I have had the opportunity to perform and study all over the world. As a teacher, I  strive to customize my lesson structure to the individual’s skill level and interests. From there, I fuse my knowledge of percussion and piano with a solid background in music theory, giving my students a well balanced education in many different musical styles, and encouraging familiarity with all of the instruments in the percussion family (including drum set, snare drum, and hand drums). I’ve been studying music for over 20 years now (and teaching for nearly 10), and to me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing my students succeed as they overcome their personal goals through music. I try to cater my lesson planning to what you want to learn; whether it’s learning to read music, figuring out that new pop song, picking up some jazz fills, or simply to having fun exploring various musical styles, I can help you master nearly any style of music you want to learn.

Musical Background

  • Over 20 years of formal music education
  • Graduated magna cum laude from Moravian College, degree in Percussion Performance
  • Winner of the Moravian College Arthur Hugo Music Scholarship, given to a student who demonstrates excellence in musicianship and performance
  • Performances with Ruben Alvarez, Chester Thompson, Jason Marsalis, and composer George Crumb, in addition to Philadelphia Youth Orchestra, Lehigh Philharmonic Orchestra, Delaware County Youth Orchestra, Lansdowne Symphony, Delaware County Symphony, Allentown Symphony, and Reading POPS
  • Experience in nearly every genre, including jazz, rock, Latin American, classical, percussion ensemble, and marching band


For Musicians, By Musicians.