Alum Spotlight: BEN MASCIOLI

Rockdale alum Ben is a bountiful ball of energy and was born to lead. As soon as he started with Rockdale, he was front and center in our Rock Bands and Ben continued to be a part of our programs after he graduated H.S. working as the lead counselor of our Summer Rock Camps this year. He never ceases working towards his goals and he brings out the best in everyone around him. Comfortable fronting a Rock Band, playing the lead in a musical or behind the mixing desk… whatever Ben does, he does it like a pro! Here’s what he had to say about his experience at Rockdale:⁠

“At 10 years old, I told my parents that all I wanted was to be in a rock band. They did some research and found Rockdale Music. Looking back, Rockdale felt like a home for me in so many ways. It was a place with all of this really cool gear, dedicated rooms for recording, rehearsing, and lessons, and the most amazing staff that a kid could ask for.⁠

I did the Rock Band program for about 5 or 6 years before starting my own bands. I was still a part of the Rockdale family when I started working the Rock Camps, where I learned so much about being a teacher and working with young musicians.⁠

I am currently finishing up my degree of Music Technology at Temple University. I will continue my music career as an audio engineer for production companies as well as running sound for a handful of Philly music venues. I continue to play in rock bands with my friends (I am currently the guitarist and vocalist for a heavy metal band called Obsolescence) and I gained all of the courage and will to do it all because of Rockdale. Rockdale is one of a kind and I would not be where I am today without it.”

Ben’s band, Obsolescence, offers their unique take on heavy music by combining the groove, technicality and ferocity of bands like Mudvayne and Killswitch Engage with the melodic tendencies of bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet For My Valentine. Their debut EP, Ways to End it All, Vol. I, was released on November 5th, 2021. Their second release, Ways to End it All, Vol. II, is slated for a Spring 2022 release.

Are you inspired by Ben’s Rockdale experience? Get started on your own musical journey today! 

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