ALUM Spotlight: CAIT

We’re back with another Rockdale alum! Cait is a Rockdale OG. When we met Cait, she was a shy and quiet kid but she left the studio a talented and confident performer. Cait is one of those people who will succeed at anything she puts her mind to and she proves it time and time again. Whether playing with her bandmates in Raincheck at the Legendary Dobbs in Philly, or helping out with our camp programs, she’s all in! She’s onto big things finishing up her last year at Pratt in NYC, and whatever she gets herself caught up in next… we are here for it. Love ya killa! 😽

Read what Cait had to say about her experience at Rockdale:

“I have been fortunate to see Rockdale grow with me over the years. I began as a timid piano player and grew into the confident multi-instrumentalist I am now with the help of individual lessons, summer camps, rock bands, songwriting classes, and the continued support of Jared and all the friends I have made through Rockdale. Having been in the roles of both student and employee at Rockdale, I can truly say it’s a great place inside and out. I am currently working on my Senior Thesis for my Bachelors of Architecture at Pratt Institute, with a concentration in digital sound and its effect on space. I am excited to be able to explore music in a new context.”

Are you inspired by Cait’s Rockdale experience? Get started on your own musical journey today! 

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