There are certain people that you meet that are refreshingly unapologetically themselves. Helen is one of those people! Since she started at Rockdale, Helen has been a complete “vibe”. Flat brim caps, crazy socks and a style all her own is what you would see on the outside, but on the inside she is a powerhouse of motivation and inspiration. Helen is brilliant, both in her intelligence and her personality. We miss all of our OG Rockdale alum, but Helen will always hold a special place in our heart.⁠⁠
We asked Helen to tell us about her experience at Rockdale:⁠⁠
“I can’t think of something I did in my youth that ended up being more impactful on my life! I barely knew how to play music when I started going to Rockdale in 5th grade. Not only did they teach me how to play music, but they gave me confidence as a performer and person. I got the opportunity to do tons of live shows playing for actual crowds that really built up my stage presence, which led to me being outgoing in so many other parts of my life. Rockdale also introduced me to so many great people, including my lifelong best friend. I’ll always be grateful for the relationships I started through Rockdale! ”⁠⁠

Helen’s band, @carlycosgrovepa, recently signed with a record label and are producing their first full length LP this summer. Swipe through Helen’s musical journey and stay tuned for what she does next!

Are you inspired by Helen’s Rockdale experience? Get started on your own musical journey today! 

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