Student Spotlight: Tucker Weiss

Every so often, we have the uncontrollable urge to brag about our amazing students. They really are rockstars…it’s undeniable! It’s only fair we let you in on these up-and-coming musicians before the rest of the world finds them. Consider this your inside track.

So, with all of that said, meet Tucker! The most talented artists and creatives have a vision and nothing will stop them until they make their vision a reality. This is Tucker to a “T” (pun intended). We were introduced to Tucker from a songwriting contest that we held during COVID times… and quickly learned that this kid has a special talent for cooking up ear candy. 

We asked Tucker some questions about how he got his start, the music that inspires him, and his experience at Rockdale.

What instrument do you play and how long have you been a part of the Rockdale community?

I take guitar and drums lessons. I also participate in the Random Remains rock band. I have been a part of the Rockdale community since 2021 when I participated in my first rock band summer camp.

Who are your favorite musicians and artists that you draw inspiration from?

Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, and Muse.

What do you like best about being a student at Rockdale? 

I like that there are plenty of opportunities to succeed. I also enjoy that Jared and the Rockdale staff want to push you hard to learn new things. I also enjoy that the Rockdale staff invests in state of the art equipment for the students to use. The list really goes on!

What are your future goals as a musician/performer? 

My biggest goal is and always has been to make it in this business. I think that performing onstage is where I fit in best. Though the chances are not exactly through the roof, I believe that with hard work and many hours of practicing, recording, and performing, I can do it.

Tucker just released his first song, which you can find on YouTube. Keep an eye on this one…he’s destined for big things!

Are you inspired by Tucker’s creativity and progress? Get started on your own musical journey today! 

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