Teacher Feature: Tierney Greene

Rockdale teachers are the real deal—we make sure of it! We select our teachers here carefully (think CIA application process but harder), making sure that our team meets three key criteria: 

  1. Must absolutely shred on the instrument they teach 
  2. Must be excellent motivators 
  3. Must be able to work patiently with students of all ages.

Meet our new piano, violin, guitar, and songwriting teacher, Tierney! Tierney studied music theory and composition at SUNY New Paltz, writes her own original music, and even plays accordion! 

We talked with her about how she got her start in music, her teaching philosophy, and what she’s listening to lately.  

What was your motivation for becoming a teacher?

Music has always been very important to me emotionally and getting to learn how to play piano as a child has helped me be able to make and write music myself.  I love to help other people learn to play music so they can have their own important experience with it.

How long have you been performing?

I started playing piano when I was 7 years old through private lessons, then I started violin when I was 10 through my school’s orchestra.  I picked up the guitar when I was about 14 so that I could learn to play and sing some of the folk and rock songs that I really liked and now I mostly write, sing, and play on the piano.  I performed classically through my college undergrad and started playing in bands about 10 years ago and continue to do so… and love it!

What advice would you give to a new music student?

Be open to making mistakes because it is a great way to learn and we are all changing, growing, and improving as musicians all the time.

What’s your favorite thing about teaching at Rockdale? 

I love the collaboration.  It is so cool that we have a stage and recording equipment at the studio so students can really get a full experience of most of what it is to be a musician!

What have you been listening to lately?

I have been really into Big Thief and that’s been the focus of my listening recently.  I also love college and free form radio stations like WPRB and WFMU, so I listen to those a lot. 

What’s a fun fact we might be surprised to learn about you?

I like learning about plants and enjoy trying to identify different ones as I’m walking around.

Any recent projects you’d like to share?

I currently have a solo project under my name, Tierney Greene, and am half of a duo called Dried Roses!

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