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As you can imagine, the “shop talk” at Rockdale revolves around music. Teachers and students are always chatting about their favorite artists, who’s released new music, what old favorites they’ve rediscovered, and the musical “rabbit holes” they’ve fall down.

One of our teachers, Rob Wickline, decided to foster this discussion even further by introducing an Album of the Week club for our students. He shares his pick, a brief introduction, and his favorite song off the album to kick start the conversation. In keeping with Rob’s rock-ed efforts, we decided to share his recent recs. Rob, take it away!

Hello everyone! 

If anybody doesn’t know me, I’m Rob, one of the teachers at Rockdale. I like distorted guitars, the color purple, and long walks on the beach. 

I’m always exploring and listening to new things. I love to share them with my students and this seems like a great avenue to do that through. If you are looking to expand your musical horizons, consider this your formal invitation to our Album of the Week club. 

Let us know if you check any of these albums out…we’re always looking to talk shop with fellow music-lovers. 

First Up…


By Khruangbin

Khruangbin is a funk and psychedelic band. They are passionate about exploring funk in all different parts of the world. They bring what they learn into their music, giving their work an unmatched realness.

Ice Melt

By Crumb

Crumb is a jazz-influenced psychedelic rock band. We fell instantly in love with their music. Pitchfork said the album has a “dread-filled chill-out sound” and we couldn’t agree more.

Blood on the Tracks

By Bob Dylan

Rob shared this album on Dylan’s 80th birthday. It’s a great entry into his discography, with Tangled up in Blue being the most well-known. Get ready to hear the same chords over and over again while Dylan weaves stories on top.


By The Armed

The Armed is an eight-person collective born out of Detroit. Their work melds hardcore, noise, and pop styles to create something truly unique. Each track on this album features countless layers of sounds, from feedback to guitar solos, synths to screams.


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